February 20, 2008

To all Chapter Presidents and Members

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To all Chapter Presidents and Members

January 31, 2008
Dear Colleague:
The Executive Committee last Monday, January 28, 2008 through a majority decision decided to write a letter of appeal to the Securities and Exchange Commission to allow your current and holdover Board of Trustees to conduct the general elections for the members of the Board. As mandated in Sec. 2, Article III of the PAMS By-Laws which was duly approved by the SEC, it states that “all officers of the association shall hold office for one year and until their successors are duly elected and qualified.” Because of failure of the PAMS COMELEC to conduct an election during 13th Annual Convention your officers, therefore, are duty bound and morally obligated to assure a smooth and peaceful transition of our leadership within the bounds of the PAMS By-Laws and the Corporate Code.
In the meantime, PAMS activities i.e. our continuing medical education, the chartering of new chapters in the provinces, the preparations for our mid-year and annual conventions and the conduct of our diplomate and re-certifying examinations will have to push through. Other major challenges that we face this year are our commitment and involvement in the Department of Health’s program for the disabled, our participation in GAWAD KALINGA, the establishment of our training programs in the provincial hospitals, and strategizing the distribution and use of the mobile units donated to us by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. Also included is our support to DR. TIBURCIO S. MACIAS’ candidacy for PMA President. I am certain that this year’s elected officers will have their hands full.
In this regard, please await further instructions through our new website which shall be announced soon. Pamsnet.com has ceased to be our official website because previous announcements released through this site were not known nor cleared by the BOT or the Execom. Furthermore, attempts by the secretariat to gain access to the pamsnet.com website have been unsuccessful since the password has been changed by unauthorized and unscrupulous individuals.
I believe that PAMS’s greatest challenge this year is whether we as a corporate body will be mature enough to withstand the challenges from within. Our By-laws need to be amended to suit our rapidly growing and changing community. Mistrust and internal scheming are rotting our fellowship like cancer that feeds on our doubts and misunderstanding. Let us not get way-laid on the task ahead of us.
I am with the conviction that God in his sovereign wisdom are trying, drilling and molding us for greater challenges in the future. You have a vital part in setting the course of PAMS’s history. Do not allow your privilege to be manipulated or be trampled upon. A clean and honest election is our only option.
Let your vote be counted!

Truly yours,

Rene C. Catan, MD, FPAMS (Orth)
Philippine Academy of Medical Specialists


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